10 Lines on Myself | Myself Essay in English | My Self 10 Lines

Writing essays about myself is an enjoyable task for kids. You are unique, and everyone is different. This is one way to share what you know about yourself.

Start by writing a short introduction about yourself. Next, write about your hobbies and talents.

Some people enjoy writing about how they came to have certain hobbies. Writing an essay could help you get to understand yourself. You will never lose interest in writing the essay.

How to Write About Yourself in English

Begin by providing basic information about yourself, such as your name and family. Next, add your goal, strengths and weaknesses, hobbies, and interests.

Finish with your positive qualities and who you want to become in the next few years. Few Points To be noted when you are writing an essay.

  • Writing about yourself can help you to get to know yourself better.
  • Although you may write about your strengths and weaknesses, you can also write about them.
  • Only you can understand your passions and dreams.
  • It is possible to write about your various talents.
  • Write about yourself. Be real.
  • Because no one will judge you, you can write whatever weird information about yourself.
  • Be different. Write different things.
  • There are many rich experiences that everyone has in their life.
  • Write the best essay by being yourself.
  • Write about what makes you happy and what makes you feel satisfied.

5 Best 10 lines Essays About Myself In English

10 Lines of Essay on My Self (Example 1)

  1. My name’s Kunal Singh.
  2. I am four years of age.
  3. I live in Delhi, India, with my elder sister, mother, and father.
  4. I go to class 1.
  5. Star Junior School is my school.
  6. I have many friends who love to play with me.
  7. I love to play soccer.
  8. Drawing is my hobby.
  9. I want to be a scientist.
  10. I respect my elders.

10 Lines About Me Essay for Students and Children in English Class 1 and 2. (Example 2)

  1. My name’s Naina Singh.
  2. I’m 5 years old.
  3. I live with my mother and father in Mumbai.
  4. I learn in class 2.
  5. Sunrise Junior School is my school.
  6. I love playing badminton alongside my friends.
  7. I love to read stories.
  8. Math is my favorite subject.
  9. I want to be an engineer.
  10. I will make my parents proud.

10 Lines About Me Essay for Children and Students in Class 2 and 3 English (Example 3)

  1. My name’s Rinku Singh.
  2. I’m 7 years old.
  3. I live in Kolkata, India, with my grandparents.
  4. My father is a CA, and my mom is a housewife.
  5. I learn in class 2.
  6. I go to St. Xavier Convent School.
  7. Painting is my hobby.
  8. I love to play chess with my friends.
  9. I want to be like my father and become a CA.
  10. I will put in a lot of effort to achieve my goal.

10 Lines About Me Essay for Students and Children in Class 3 and 4 English (Example 4)

  1. My name’s Rahul Singh.
  2. I am nine years old.
  3. I live in Dibrugarh, India, with my parents.
  4. Dibrugarh in Assam is a scenic district.
  5. My father is a farmer, and my mom is a housewife.
  6. Star Shine School is where I am currently studying in my 4th-grade class.
  7. My hobbies include Drawing and playing cricket together with friends.
  8. I love to go on hikes with my family in the nearby hills.
  9. I want to compete in the Olympics and become an athlete.
  10. I work hard and follow my parents’ orders.

10 Lines Essay on Myself for Students and Children in Class 5 and 6 English (Example 5)

  1. My name’s NitinJha. I like my name. This name is the name my grandmother gave me.
  2. I am seven years of age. I’m a student in standard V.
  3. My mother is a Housewife. She stays at home. My father is a soldier.
  4. My parents are extremely kind. I have a brother. His name’s Prashant Jha. He studied in standard VII.
  5. I live in Mumbai. It is India’s Dream City. We live in our house. It has a big lawn and small gardens.
  6. My grandmother is a religious woman. Her hair has become white. Although she’s old, she’s still very active. She rises early from her bed in the morning.
  7. She takes a daily bath and goes to the nearby temple. My grandmother has many beautiful stories to tell me.
  8. Every morning I go to school. My school is located near my home.
  9. The school is very helpful. We also enjoy games. My teachers are wonderful. They love me as well.
  10. There are many people I can call friends. Raman, however, is my best friend. He is my class fellow. He often visits me at my home. His house is also my home on holidays.

English 20 lines Essay about Myself

  1. My name’s Brinda. Bengaluru, the Garden City of India, is where I am from.
  2. I am in class 5 of Delhi Public School.
  3. My mother is an academic, and my dad is a businessman.
  4. An older sister of mine is a student in the same school.
  5. We both go to school together and make many friends in our community.
  6. My parents take my brother and me out to the countryside every Sunday so that we can connect with nature.
  7. I love to play badminton and games of chess with friends.
  8. I have also taken part in interschool literary and sports competitions.
  9. I excel in my studies and score well on my exams.
  10. My parents always supported me in pursuing something different in sports or cultural activities.
  11. I love animals and have a cat at my home.
  12. Her name is the Nile, and she’s an adorable family member.
  13. When I return from school, my priority is to play with her.
  14. I am a member of my school’s environmental conservation group.
  15. We plant saplings every birthday of our teachers and housekeeping personnel in this group.
  16. I’m learning classical Indian dance, and I enjoy dancing.
  17. I love sweets and help my mother prepare them.
  18. We celebrate many festivals at home like Ugadi, Ganesha Chaturthi, or Deepavali.
  19. During the Dasara festival, we visit our grandparents in Mysore. The festival is celebrated in Mysore with pomp and grandeur.
  20. We had a wonderful time with the grandparents and returned to Bengaluru with many fond memories.

What are the differences between different sorts of essays?

There are primarily four kinds of essays.

Argumentative Essay: This essay is for you to form an opinion on a topic after extensive research. It is intended to provide evidence for an argument.

Expository Essay: The essay examines the writer’s knowledge of the topic. It is intended to educate others about the topic.

Narrative Essay: This essay uses creative language. This essay is about telling readers the story of a memorable experience or story.

Descriptive Essay: This essay uses descriptive language. It focuses more on sensory details and thoughts, allowing the reader to feel the same emotions as its author.

Top 6 Essays about Myself in English (500 words)

Example 1: Essay on my Self for Students and Kids

Seven billion people are living on Earth. Everyone is unique. In this world, there is no purpose. All things have a purpose. Humans are the most amazing creation, and every person is unique. As such, I am writing about myself. I want to show what I see, experience, and plan for my future. I am modest, passionate, and hardworking.

My Family, My Childhood

Naresh Shukla, I come from a middle-class Bihar family. Without family and friends, nobody can succeed in this world. In reality, your family will make you what you are. My father is a respected businessman within our community.

My mother is also a doctor. Both love their job. They both love their occupation.
We are all three brothers and sisters. As the eldest, I am responsible for my siblings and brothers. I love to take care of my siblings and guide them. All three of us attend the same school. Reading is my passion.

A keen reader of fiction and history books, as I have strong interests in Indian History and classic architecture. I love books that tell the story of ancient India’s rich history and civilization. My grandmother used to tell me stories when I was young, which has had an impact on my life ever since.

My Education

I am currently enrolled at the best school in my town. I am currently in 10th grade. I am glad to be a part of this amazing school with great friends, loving teachers, and solid school administration. Some subjects I excel in, and others I struggle in.

My Strengths

I excel at sports in comparison to my studies. I am also the captain of my football team. I am the top football player at school. Apart from that, I am also a fast runner and enjoy athletics. I am in expert swimming.

My parents’ guidance had a strong influence on my life. I speak truthfully and don’t lie. My parents always told me to admit any mistake I made. I try to do my best. I know how to be happy regardless of the circumstances. Because I believe: “Happiness does not live outside of you; it is inside you.”

I am also very adventurous and enjoy taking risks. I love to try new hobbies and challenge myself. One thing I love is learning new things. I stay up-to-date with the latest.

In addition to this, I enjoy reading children’s magazines that contain motivational stories. They taught me a great moral lesson. I am confident and can communicate well. I will always speak to each person according to his needs so that I can understand them.

My Goals in Life

Everyone has aspirations in life. Aiming or aspiring is the inner ambition of man. Without an objective, man cannot achieve anything in this world. All of us need to be clear about our goals in life.

You can’t get on the right track without good career planning. It is important to establish goals that align with broad career goals.

I have a degree in biology. I will be sitting for the competitive entrance test for admission to a reputed medical college. I will strive to be a responsible and honest student. After that, I will be a licensed doctor. I will do my best to be a good physician and will do it with sincerity.


These are all the things that I am. Even though it’s impossible to express everyone in a few sentences, to write about one’s life, you must first be able to comprehend yourself. It is important to live your life fully and to visualize helping others. With this goal in mind, I’ve always wanted to be of service to my fellow citizens in any capacity that I can.

Example 2: Essay on Me for Class 3 Students

Hana Jay is the name of my mother. My father’s name Hare Ju is my mother is Kuni Jya. I am eight years old. I am a resident of Supriya Bhatt Apartments, Mumbai.

My father is an investment broker, but I don’t know what it means. My mother is an educator. I understand what a teacher looks like. I have one sibling and one brother.

My oldest brother is my sister, and my younger brother is. I am the youngest. Dexter School is my school. It is very close to home. It only takes 15 minutes to walk to school.

Going to school is a great experience because you learn something new daily. English is my favorite subject. English allows me to express myself easily.

I enjoy playing video games with my sister and brother. We often play Mario Kart, though I am much better than them. I am close to many friends from school and the local area.

On our return trip home in the evenings, we stop at the library to read stories. “The Wolf and the Red Riding Hood” is my favorite fairy tale.

It is a story I love and that I can read every day. Mutton biryani has become my favorite food. When I’m older, I want to make the best biryani in the world.

Writing an Essay about Myself for English Class 1 to 5 (Example 3)

My name’s Arjun Singh. I’m eight years. I am a resident of Richmond Circle in Bangalore. I’m in class 3. I attend St. Joseph’s Boys High. Gautam Singh, my father, is a naval officer in India. Mira Singh is my mother, and she works for an NGO. Rohan, my older sibling, is in class 10. English and Maths are two of my favorite subjects.

My older brother helps me learn English words, and I love to practice math every day. At our house, we have many bookshelves.

Our father often makes us go to the bookshelves during vacations. My older brother wrote his poetry, and I love to read them. Painting is my favorite pastime. I spend most of the weekend painting scenery.

I love to paint sunset scenes in which the sky turns orange. My mother also makes wonderful pasta dishes on Sundays. My brother and I play the piano together on Sunday evenings. Tennis is my favorite sport, and I take coaching classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Roger Federer is the best tennis player I know. I also like to play football and am part of the junior section of my school’s football team. When I get older, I hope to play tennis like Roger Federer.

Essay About Me- Primary School (Example 4)

“My name is Sunita, and I am from Gorakhpur. I am from a Hindu background and study in the fifth standard. My family is supportive and caretaker of me as I am in standard 5. I attend Delhi Public School, and I’m the best thing for my parents.

My father is a Government employee. My mother is a School teacher. My elder brother is in class 9. My brother and I go to the same school. He is very supportive and helps me with my studies. I have a passion for singing. In drawing competitions, I have received many honors and awards. I love to paint and am very organized.

My teachers value my work and inspire me to improve every day. I am an honest student. I try to be consistent with my studies. As a kid, I enjoyed going out with my family and spending time together. When I get older, I would like to travel the entire world.

The life journey is not without its ups or downs. Even if things are not going well today, we can still hope for better days ahead. We should not let difficulties discourage us. Always try to enjoy your daily life. You can find your purpose in life and be more helpful every day.

Essay About Myself For Board Examination (Example 5)

“Hailing from Joy City, I’m Neha from Kolkata. Presently, I am in class 10th. I am preparing for the board exam. La Martiniere is a prestigious school for girls in Kolkata. This school has motivated me to strive for the best in society and my personal development.

My father is an engineer, while my mother is a Professor. I am inspired every day by their love for their profession. I am the sole child of my parents.

They are my motivation and always help me learn from my mistakes. Your family is the support and backbone to help you succeed in today’s tough competition.

My mother has been an inspiration to all of me. She is my role model, and I strive to emulate her. I strive to adhere to her rules and principles.

My holistic growth is dependent on my school. My school and family have had a huge impact on my life. My teachers taught me to be enthusiastic and full of positive energy. They motivate me every day to be better.

I’m a bookworm. As an Indian historian, I enjoy reading about Indian History. I enjoy writing poetry of my choosing, as well as reading. Recently, I’ve been learning guitar.
I love online games and social media. The 3-D racing automobile is my favorite game.

Neema, my best friend, has been there for me every step of the way and is the reason I have strength and courage. Neema has been an important part of my life, no matter how small it may be. Friends are an integral part of your daily life. Truly good friends will be there to support you in all stages of life.

I believe educating children is a major concern in our society today. As a student, my main focus is on my studies. I believe that my future will be better because of how I contribute to society. Every day I try to be punctual at work.

It is not human nature to be flawless. It is virtually impossible not to make mistakes. Every person on the planet is striving to achieve their goals. Setting your trend is what will define you.

Essay For Senior School and College (Example 6)

Milton wrote that every person is unique in their ways. God sent everyone in the world with a purpose to serve and some potential. It is up to us to be aware of this potential.
This makes me aware of my full potential. However, my science IQ was very low at first. After I was awarded 1st place in the science quiz, I realized I was very intelligent. It allowed me to pinpoint my interests. Today, I am a participant in numerous competitions and quizzes.

Shreya Bhansali, a Bihari woman, is my name. At the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, I am currently studying B.Tech. in electrical engineering. I am confident and competent as well as proficient in electrical engineering. I am a hard worker who is passionate about my career. I have been taught from a young age to be passionate about my passion.

I did not pursue bookish knowledge. However, a book won’t give you sufficient experience or knowledge about the world. It was through training myself to be a singer and keeping my career balanced that I reached where I am today. I’ve been taking a yoga class and am trying to win.

My father was the one who taught me to be strong in times of difficulty and to stay motivated. My father is a successful businessman, and my mother is an experienced housewife. Your ambiance can indeed judge your capabilities. My father is punctual and dedicated to his work; my mother always cares for others. This has influenced my ability to be helpful and humble.

My mother, a housewife, motivates me every day and keeps me motivated. Her vision of my future has transformed me. Her efforts are what brought me to the college of my dreams.
When we talk of family, our closest friends are often the first to come to our minds. It is impossible to ignore the value of friendships. I have the support of my close friends, who always stand by me no matter what.

My friends inspired me to be better even during school. I can safely say that I am satisfied with my surroundings, and I’m grateful to God for creating a supportive environment in my life. Two of my brothers are also my brother. My brothers are very gifted in academics and have been a great source of inspiration throughout my life. They are always there to motivate me at every stage of my life. They are there to support me, even when I fail.

My school has always been supportive of my holistic growth and helped to build my personality as well as skills. It was the foundation of who I am today. Your future is determined by what you do today. The power of the present is what will show you your future. A dream is nothing without action. Your action is what makes your dream come alive.
It’s not enough to complain about what you haven’t had, but it is important to see what you have in your life.

God has given each person the potential to be great; our choice is how we use that potential. Our present is woven to create a beautiful design for the future.
I look up to freedom fighters as role models and aspire to be like them. Their enthusiasm, energy, vitality, and determination are what drive me. They won numerous battles and made the world better and more peaceful. We have the power to make a difference in how we look at the future. “Best of luck to my friends.”

Wrapping up

We hope these Samples in the simple and easy language of 10 lines on Myself Essay for students and children of English classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 5 for boys and girls will help you create your “myself essay” Keep learning.


Who are you able to write about?

Write about yourself. You can also write about your family. They are the reason you are the person you are today.

What’s the best way to write an Essay About Me?

You can choose the design that suits you best and is comfortable. It is important to keep the pattern in order, as detailed below.
-About yourself
-About your family
-Your career
-Your role model
-Your message

What things could you write in an essay “About me”?

While writing an essay, you can say a few things about yourself. Write about your talents, hobbies, education, and career goals.

How do I begin an essay?

Writing an essay is the best way to get started.

How can you better express yourself?

Writing about your experiences is the best way for you to express yourself.

How do you write an essay about “Myself” for class 3

Children must introduce themselves in paragraph one when writing essays about themselves. The first paragraph should contain basic information like his name, mother’s, and father’s names. The second paragraph should be about the kids. Children may include their favorite foods, hobbies, and favorite sports.

What are the benefits of Essay Writing?

There are many benefits to writing essays. Students can learn to create simple and complex sentences at an early age. Because children are aware of their thoughts and those around them, it is one of the easiest topics to discuss. You can also find many interests that they might have. They can improve their thinking skills by visualizing their future. This essay requires them to share their dreams. This practice allows them to get to know themselves better and helps them decide on their future goals.