Essay on My Hobby

Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children

Essay on My HobbyHobbies are an integral part of every person’s daily life. It’s good to take time for hobbies when we’re free. It keeps us engaged and doesn’t make us feel idle. These activities, also known as hobbies, are where people find their happiness. Here are some examples of hobby essays. Scroll down.

Essay on My Hobby For Students (1000 Words) | My Hobby Paragraph | My Hobby Essay in English

My favorite hobby

Watching TV is my favorite Hobby. I love to watch television whenever I have time. It does not interfere with my studies. Hobbies are a way to increase our knowledge and can teach us many things. First, I like finishing my school homework before starting to watch TV. This makes me happy and increases my curiosity about the rest of the world. The variety of useful TV content enriches me, which brings me joy.

My Hobby: Benefits

It is a good habit since it enables you to gain knowledge in many fields. There are many TV channels that cover worldwide affairs. I watch the news. I like channels like animal planet, Discovery channel or other informative channels. These channels are a great way to increase my curiosity about the world and learn new things.

Interestingly, I am a fan of a cartoon network. It gives me creative and new ideas for making cartoons and art. Some of my favorites are Mr. Bean, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, and other comics. I am inspired by many art-themed cartoons, such as SpongeBob (the Pink Panther) and SpongeBob (the SpongeBob). Primarily, comics are what attract me. I love to decorate my scrapbooks using their characters.

Parents find Hobbies Useful.

My parents praised me for my hobby. They are also pleased when I watch various news events, both national and international. They feel proud listening to me update the news.
Now, I’m in class with eight and two-year-old girls. According to my parents, making jokes, sitting silent, and wandering around is not productive. My parents supported my interests and encouraged me to pursue them from a young age. My parents encouraged me to have good habits.

A proper TV viewing experience gives you many vital roles. It allows us to be creative. It gives us information about different cultures, climatic conditions, and histories. Additionally, it expands our imagination by displaying imaginary characters from Disney World and Jungle Book.

Hobby: It is Important

It is vital to be up-to-date and have knowledge about current events. It gives us many benefits that can help us develop our knowledge and thoughts. It helps expand our minds and gives us new experiences, thoughts, and ideas. Hobbies are all about enjoyment and can only be done when we have the time. These activities keep our minds and bodies energized and relaxed.

Additionally, hobbies can improve our productivity as well as our overall health. It prevents us from developing dementia and helps us to avoid sadness. It is also good for our personal development and helps to ignite our hidden talents. Therefore, hobbies are essential in every aspect of our lives.

There are many aspects to TV watching as a hobby.
The joy of watching TV is not just about the entertainment but also the opportunity to meet unknown personalities and know more about their stories. Every show offers a variety of stories and characters that delight the brain. You can also compare the stories and characters in these shows as a hobby.

Television has many programs to help us increase our knowledge about world issues. Television channels broadcast many educational programs that help us understand history, geography, science, math, economy, culture, and other topics. This program allows you to examine the various acting styles, writing, and overall good and poor behaviors of diverse communities, their thoughts, or cultures.

Television shows different genres.
Each TV series has its genres or types of content. These TV genres include reality shows, dramas, adventure shows, science-fiction, action, animations, and dramas. There are many genres to watch TV. You don’t have to choose one.

This is the best part of my hobby. Television allows me to explore the many elements of imagination and ideas from different genres.

Others Hobbies

Because they don’t have a limit, you can have more than one hobby. Any hobby that you are interested in can be considered one. An individual can be interested in multiple things and consider more than one hobby.

I, too, have multiple hobbies. I love to listen to music, and not only do I like to watch TV. This helps me stay calm after hard work and gives my ears and heart a soothing effect.

Other than these, I also enjoy writing stories, reading comic books, and scrapbooking. These activities make my life more enjoyable and help me discover hidden talents. Writing and reading increase my imagination. These activities are complemented by gardening, which I do in my free time. I love planting new and beautiful flowers.

I love singing and dancing. These are activities that I do when I have time after I finish my homework. Because I love to sing and dance, I also participate in dancing and singing competitions. My parents and teachers always support me and encourage me to pursue my hobbies.


Each person on Earth is unique. Both in appearance and their inherent characteristics. Everyone works, thinks, speaks, interprets, and acts. Many ways. These are all the items that make sense. Before you can write about it, you must be in control of your own life.

Living life is meant to be enjoyed with enthusiasm and with the ability to see how you can help other people. With this in mind, I have constantly desired to help my people in any ability.

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Essay on My Hobby Cricket (600 Words) | Write a Paragraph on My Hobby


Cricket is an immensely famous sport in India. It is furthermore one of the most famous sports around the globe. This sport requires a wooden ball and a bat.

Two teams consist of eleven players. The game’s primary objective is to score the most runs. This game takes place on an open pitch with special pitches.

My hobby: Cricket

There are many hobbies that I enjoy, but cricket is my favorite. In my spare moments, I enjoy playing cricket. It makes my body feel healthier and stronger. It also keeps me energetic. I became interested in cricket when I was five years old.

I was attracted to this sport, and I was captivated by it. When I first came home from school, I was so fast that I didn’t have time to eat and would go straight to the cricket pitch. I was a very prominent player in the school.

Like multiple other children, I was boosted by a very booming cricket player named “Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’. It is my dream to be Dhoni. Even though the viewers at my match admired me, I never felt fulfilled. I always wanted to do better. I was popular at my school because of my passion for cricket. I was also given a certificate of appreciation on the day I bid farewell.

Why Choose Cricket As a Hobby

There are many benefits to cricket that will convince you to make it your favorite sport. These are just an occasion of the numerous advantages that cricket has to offer:

  • Cricket can be enjoyed for entertainment.
  • The sport of cricket can increase stamina.
  • It teaches us to balance and coordinate.
  • It makes you physically fit.
  • It improves hand-eye coordination.
  • It teaches us teamwork.
  • It makes us social, and it teaches us how to interact socially.
  • It improves our communication skills.
  • This game can be made a career.
  • Cricket as a Career

A cricket career can be made. Cricket can even be selected as a profession. A cricketer can play for any club or team. As a cricketer, there are many routes one could take. T20 cricket is not the most popular form of cricket.

Someone who makes a lot of wealth as a professional cricket player in cricket can have a very high earning potential. Even players who play domestic cricket may be able to make a decent amount of money. Cricketers live a glamorous, royal life. You can enjoy being a good cricketer.


Cricket is an excellent hobby. Because of its numerous fitness advantages, it can be very rewarding to keep cricket as an interest. The sport of cricket can also be considered a profession. It can lead to a glamorous and fulfilling life.

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Essay on My Hobby Reading Books (500 words)

A hobby is a way to keep your passion alive. It can include singing, dancing, reading, and even writing. My hobby? Reading books.

I have been reading books longer than my face since childhood. I had a novel in my hand, no matter what time. My passion is reading books and stories. It is a compliment to be called a “nerd” for my love for books. But, in reality, it is a way that I can relax and enjoy reading. I enjoy reading books after a long day of school. It helps me forget the anxiety and stress that comes with school. It helps me relax.

I have always felt that books spoke to me and inspired me to be a better person. Every day I read a book that inspires me to become a completely new person. As I read Pride and Prejudice, I felt strong and brave like Jane.

I noticed a shift in my personality and began having many opinions. I couldn’t help but feel like Harry Potter when I was reading Harry Potter. In strangely bizarre ways, I pick up the habits and behaviors of my favorite characters in the books and act accordingly.

Over 2000 books I have read during my lifetime. I don’t really care about any particular genre. Instead, I focus on the words within each book. The best thing about reading is the smell and feel of new books. I am addicted to the scent of pages and the sound of a fresh page-turning each time I get to a new chapter.

Numerous elements make me value reading books. One of my favorite reasons is that I love to travel. And since I don’t often have the means to travel, I can travel to all hubs of the world, from the Mediterranean to the shores of Florida. I can live the lives and experiences of ladies and lords and see the world through their eyes. A book feels like the most intimate thing. I feel like a completely new person after reading it.

Another reason I love reading is that it refreshes my mind. I can access much more information than others, making me better prepared for anything.

My father was able to see my passion for reading at an early age. He got me a membership in the city library. I now visit the library once a week, sometimes twice, to borrow my favorite books and continue reading. My hobby has become my passion, even though I realize it is a way to pass the time.

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My Hobby Essay For Children classes 8,9 & 10 (400 words) | My Hobby Drawing Essay (100 words-400 words)

A hobby is something a child can have since childhood. While it can be acquired at any age, the best way to develop it is in childhood. A hobby is a work we do that gives us happiness and joy.

Many people have many hobbies, depending on their passions, likes, or dislikes. You can choose from many hobbies, such as drawing, dancing, singing and bird watching. The hobbies we choose help us earn our livelihood and make it a lucrative career. You can fully enjoy the hobby during your leisure or free time .

Cooking, listening to music, and gardening are my favorites. However, I still prefer gardening. Gardening is like meditation for my mind. It helps me improve my work efficiency, interest, ability, and productivity. It makes me feel calm and useful, which gives me a high level of peace.

Every morning, I enjoy my garden and grow plants slowly. My garden also gets sunrise and sunsets daily. I like to do school homework in my evergreen yard. My dad and I play badminton together every night in my garden. In the evenings, we enjoy a walk with our mom. I keep an eye on the progress of my plants and take care of their watering. I also love to add decorative plants to my garden to increase its beauty and appearance.

I am 15 years old and presently read in 9th-grade class. I plan to continue my favorite hobbies for the rest of my life. They would keep my mind active, happy, and free of daily life’s stress and worries.

My parents always encourage me to keep up with my hobbies. They love it when I effortlessly approach my problems and solve them without anger or tension. My mom tells me that gardening is a better hobby than other hobbies. It gives life to people by watering and planting new flowers.

My garden has been my home since childhood. I dedicate one hour each day to it. I have created a green carpet of velvet grass that is attractive and appealing. I have made beautiful flowerbeds for every garden corner and planted colorful roses. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I put a big Christmas tree in the center of my garden, and we have a great Christmas party with our friends and family.

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My Hobby Essay in classes 3,4 and 5, (300 WORDS) | My Favourite Hobby Essay 300 words

The hobby is an interesting and healthy one. Everyone should have a hobby. The hobby keeps everyone busy, even when there is no time.

It reduces loneliness and prevents psychological problems. I still remember when I was three years old that I loved to spend my free time in my garden. I love being in my green garden each morning with my father.

When I was very small, my parents often laughed at me for watering the plants. However, they now love to see me in the garden. I know how to do it all and the value of saving plants’ lives. I understand the value of trees and how they save our lives.

Everyone should have hobbies throughout the day. Gardening can help us connect to nature. A hobby gives us pleasure in our minds, spirit, and bodies. It develops our imagination and creativity.

My favorite hobby, gardening, is what I do best. Every morning I plant new seeds and pour water. I love observing the flowers grow and bloom nicely.

Trees grow in the same way as us. I have several types of trees in my garden. There are mango trees, vegetable trees, and flower trees. I consider them my best friend. Every day, I take care of them. It’s very happy.

I recognize the immense accomplishment and reality of living. It keeps me healthy, fit, strong, and well. It keeps me awake and well-rested. These activities can help you improve your motor skills. Everybody should have a hobby like gardening. Anybody can find a rewarding hobby that will last a lifetime.

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Essay On My Hobby For Students and Children (250 Words)

My hobby is TV watching. My hobby is watching TV. My hobby is watching TV, but it doesn’t distract me from my studies. First, I study and finish school homework. After that, I watch TV. I feel like I have a wonderful hobby as I can gain knowledge from TV.

I tend to watch TV news and discovery channels, including Animal Planet. I watch cartoons, which inspire me to create art and cartoons. My parents very much appreciate my hobby. They are delighted when I share the latest news with them.

At nine years of age, I’m reading in the third grade. This hobby started early on. The role of TV viewing in the right ways is very important in our daily lives.

You can bring a bunch out of it if you use it in creative ways. It informs us about the latest news and events happening around the globe. It is important to maintain up with the latest happenings in modern society due to high levels of competition.

It can improve our knowledge, and it also helps to maintain our daily lives. Television has many programs that increase awareness of international affairs. Many programs are subjective and cover history, maths, economics, science, geography, culture, and more to expand our knowledge.

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My Hobby Essay in classes 1,2 & 3 (200 WORDS)

I love to read informative and interesting books when I have free time. Since I was in school, this book has been my favorite. It also helps me finish my homework. I’m 11 years of age and am in 7th grade.

Reading is a good habit and will make me a complete man. It is something that anyone can do. This hobby came to me naturally. Reading will keep us occupied and happy. It’s a better way to learn, inspire, enjoy, and instruct.

This makes us trustworthy and punctual. It also makes us more successful. I feel like books are my best friend. This habit is more precious than gold or any other stones in the universe.

However, it provides us with an excellent level of thought, experience, ideas, and knowledge across many fields. If you are interested in good books and have the time to read them, they will become your best friend.

People who do not read books would never be able to afford the rich knowledge they need. Young people can acquire this habit. It is possible to acquire this habit at a young age.

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My Hobby Essay (150 words)

I enjoy reading, no matter what format it may be news, news, novels, or G K books. I read newspapers, magazines, stories, and other material that interests me in my spare time. My dad was the first to witness my passion for reading books.

He motivated me by telling me that this is a good habit my son gave to me naturally. Keep it up! I was simply a young fellow when I became interested in reading fairy tales and other stories my parents had given me.

Now I’m ten years old and have read 5th grade. Now, I understand the value of my reading habits. It allows me all the information I need on any topic.

This habit helps me learn about the world’s wonders and history of life, including animals, plants, aquatic animals, human accomplishments, and other fascinating aspects of the world.

My Hobby Essay and ten lines (100 WORDS)| My Hobby Essay 100 words | My Hobby Composition

While I have many hobbies, I love to play football. When I have spare time, I enjoy playing football. Since childhood, I have been a huge football fan. This is a sport that I enjoy playing. My parents learned about my hobby when I entered school.

The principal assured me I could participate in sports starting in class 1. They were so pleased to accept me into this school. I am a big fan of football game, and I participate in my school’s competitions.

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