Essay on My Favourite Teacher

Essay on My Favourite Teacher for Students in English

A teacher is a person in our lives who gives us many important things along with a good education. Teachers are a significant part of their students. From our earliest years of development to when we reach adulthood, they play an important role in our lives. They shape us and make us responsible citizens of the country.

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Paragraph on My Favourite Teacher For Class 1 & Class 2 | Essay on my favorite teacher for class 4

Rohan sir is my favorite teacher. He is our Physics teacher, and he teaches us Physics. Sham Sir is one of the school’s most knowledgeable and talented science men. He is my favorite teacher because I love science.

He is punctual and never misses class. Actually sometimes, he offers us additional time after standard class time. He is a great teacher and has a dedicated mind. We love him. When he explained, I understood difficult physics concepts. His explanation skills are amazing.

Long and Short Essay on My Favourite Teacher in English

These are examples of a long and short essay on My Favorite Teacher in English.

My Favourite Teacher Essay in 100 words For Class 3 | essay on my favourite teacher for class 3

Rupa mam is my favorite teacher. Rajani mam is also my class teacher and attends every morning. Although she is a strict teacher, she is also very caring and funny.

She is punctual and very disciplined. She completes all assignments and works in class on time. She is very approachable and teaches us great things in very simple ways.

We enjoy her class. She teaches English subjects. She is funny and makes us laugh. She is a great teacher and mentor for any inter-school or school competition in dance, academics, or sports. She helps us share our lunches and other necessities in class with our classmates.

My Favourite Teacher Essay in 150 words For Class 4 & Class 5 | essay on my favourite teacher for class 5

Kapish Khan is my favorite teacher. Kapish Khan, sir, my class teacher, is nine years old. He was a math and physics teacher. Physics is my favorite subject as a science student.

Kapish sir is an amazing and highly educated person. He is one of the most reputed teachers at the school. He is extremely strict in his study habits. He insists that we all complete our lessons on time. He loves us very much if we do our homework and behave well.

Kapish, sir, can be a bit silly and doesn’t talk too often. He has many talents. He used to push us to pray in the mosque. We loved it too. He is a Muslim-minded man who leads us on the right track. He is a great teacher and someone I love.

My Favourite Teacher Essay in 200 words For Class 6 & Class 7 | essay on my favourite teacher 200 words

Reeta Goswami, my favorite teacher at the school, is Ms. She teaches environmental studies to me in 4th grade. She is a great teacher. As she is a good teacher and cares a lot about us. She doesn’t take studying too seriously and enjoys teaching us through fun activities.

She is always on time and never skips class. She makes us all happy, and we enjoy her class. She is very proud of me because I am her ideal student and very disciplined. I obey all her orders and complete my home and class work neat and tidy daily.

I have never been late or absent from her classes. She encourages us to follow the right path, even when faced with difficult situations. She encourages us not to lose heart in difficult situations and to find ways to overcome them.

She advises us never to be negative and always to look positive. It is always what we think and does that happens. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of EVS. She would like us to speak English in her class. She rides with us on the school bus to our home, where we sing and recite poems.

My Favourite Teacher Essay in 300 words For Class 8 & Class 9 | essay on my favourite teacher in English for class 8

A very special teacher has been a part of my life. While I have had the opportunity to change schools and meet with many wonderful teachers during my student years, I never met someone like her. She is indeed my favorite teacher.

Today, I’ll be writing about her. Sheema Patel is her name, and she hails from Delhi. When I met her, I was in class 5. Now, I am in another school and miss her so much. She was our class teacher. I remember her teaching us English, and I don’t think I have ever seen anyone speak English as well as she.

She was 26 years of age about four years ago and may have turned 30 this year. She had a beautiful voice and would recite poems and then sing them to us. That was something I loved about her. She was punctual and never lacked interest in class. Her teaching style was innovative and different from other English teachers. She is a modern and innovative lady of this time.

Her personality is amazing, making her even more attractive. She used to teach and write articles for local newspapers. Her favorite topic of writing was history. I enjoyed reading her writings. Because she started a blog, I still enjoy her writing.

She is a great motivator and has a wonderful personality. This was something that every teacher and student loved. We loved her so much. She didn’t yell at us in class. We loved her, especially when she did our homework. I would love to spend time with Sheema madam and meet her again. I wish her all the best and wonderful life.

My Favourite Teacher Essay in 500 words For Class 10 & Class 12 | my favourite teacher essay in english for class 12

My science teacher is my favorite teacher. Her name is Mrs. Swasti kausik. She lives close to the school campus. She is a great teacher and friend. She makes it fun, and no one is bored in her class. Her teaching methods are great. She asks us all to review the topic at home and then tell us what she will teach in class the next day. She teaches the topic and asks many questions. She will also continue asking questions the next day about the same topic. This helps us to become very knowledgeable about a topic. After having taught two to three topics, she takes a test. She is sincere about schooling and values her job.

We are always treated with empathy and care by her. She is always available to answer any questions we have about the topic in class or at her cabin. While teaching, she watches each student’s activity and punishes those not following her instructions. If we want to be successful in life, she tells us that we should focus on our studies and follow the instructions of our teachers. She doesn’t distinguish between her class’s weak and brilliant students. She is a strong supporter of her weak students and asks brilliant students to help their weaker classmates. She encourages us to be passionate about what we do and the purpose of our lives.

She is a very encouraging teacher and encourages us in academic and extracurricular activities. She cheers on the students who do well at school, in academics, and sports activities. For one hour, she offers tuition at no cost to her weak students. Every student scores very high in science subjects in exams and class tests. She also serves as the Vice-Principal at the school. She can fulfill all her responsibilities well. She is responsible for maintaining the campus’ cleanliness and greenery.

She is always smiling and never seems serious. She makes us feel like our children by keeping us happy at school. She manages all arrangements at the school for any competitions or celebrations. She is polite and can handle any situation at school.

My Favourite Teacher Essay in 1000 words | essay on my favourite teacher who inspired me

Qualities of my Favorite Teacher:-

Mukesh Sir is tall and very attractive. He is 32 years of age and has a lot of experience. His teaching style is exceptional. He is a believer in simplicity and high thinking. He is admired for his humble demeanor and exceptional teaching style. He has nine years of knowledge in education and a master’s degree in Mathematics. He can solve complex mathematical equations quickly.

His methods for solving problems are unique. He makes complex problems seem simple, making them easy for students to grasp. He maintains all the qualities that make a great teacher and extraordinary patience. This is why everyone considers him the best teacher. He is patient and clear in explaining every question and doubt and ensures that you fully understand them.

He is an excellent English speaker, and unlike many teachers who place importance on writing formulas, formulas, and theorems, he places more emphasis on logic than memorizing complex equations. He is punctual and disciplined and ensures that we follow these rules. He is a good steward of time and arrives on time. Many of his qualities are highly valued by students who wish to follow these traits.

He is enthusiastic but not pushy. He helps us to make our own judgments. He is a great teacher and understands how to balance study and extracurricular activities. He firmly believes in student development and encourages them to participate in extracurricular activities.

His preparations for Maths Olympiads help students to feel more confident and excel in complex subjects like Maths. Many students have won prizes at Maths Olympiads under his direction, and I was the first to win many Maths competitions. He has been a remarkable asset to our school as maths teacher. His efforts have helped improve the school’s image and academic and co-curricular. We, students, are lucky to have him.

What makes him my favorite teacher?

Mukesh Sir is my favorite teacher. He is humble, kind, and polite. His teaching style is amazing. He is a great teacher and loves every student. He is more concerned with conceptual clarity than putting students under too many homework burdens. He doesn’t scold students, and he never expresses anger. Instead, he speaks to students calmly and professionally. He wants us to improve and is willing to do more.

He encourages students to be open with him and gives equal attention to all students. He doesn’t make fun of students and pays extra attention to weaker students. He will make extra efforts to help students understand complicated equations or questions. He calmly explains no matter how often he is asked the same question or repeated the same statement. All students love him because he is determined to ensure we understand every concept.

Mukesh Sir’s favorite quality is his ability to keep track of each student in the class. He keeps track of their performance and what they excel at. He is always there to help and guide them through the learning process. He is a great teacher at our school who motivates and guides students in all areas of life. Mukesh Sir is known for not showing the slightest bit of favoritism. All his students are treated with the same amount of love and affection by him.

He is extremely experienced and full of life. He positively influences the class and does not show any negative behavior. He cares about others’ feelings and has never hurt anyone. He is very serious duringg his class and has a great sense of humor as he very friendly in class. His mathematical knowledge is extensive. He is not only a master of mathematics but also believes in the importance of having a solid knowledge of English and literature.

He enjoys reading and encourages students to spend time reading novels rather than wasting their time on video games or watching television. He advises that we exercise more and socialize with others our age, improving communication. He motivates students to pursue their interests and hobbies. He can understand students’ needs and offer support. He provides examples to explain concepts, making them much more interesting for students.
His class is full of understanding, and we love it. He explains each topic thoroughly and pays attention to every student. He will notice if a student starts to lose track of class or falls asleep. Instead of criticizing the student for not paying attention, he would suggest an alternate method or a simpler explanation. He can grab students’ attention during class. He doesn’t give us too much homework and regular assignments after class to help us assess our knowledge of a topic.

Many assignments are more informational and research-oriented than simply asking us to memorize paragraphs or questions from a book. We learn more by reading related articles and books. This helps us retain what we have learned for a longer time.
If a student fails to finish homework or does badly in a chapter, he doesn’t shout at him but helps them to understand the concept. We, students, learn that he does everything for our benefit, so we work harder to improve ourselves. These are simply a few qualities that make him stand out from other teachers in our school. He is approachable to all who meet him. He is the most humble, polite teacher, I have ever seen. I wish to one day be like him in my career.


Mukesh Sir is not only a great teacher but also my ideal friend. Everyone loves Mukesh Sir because he has all of my favorite teacher qualities. I handle lucky to have lived as his student and will resume obeying his teachings in my daily life. He will always be my favorite teacher, and I will never forget him, even after he leaves this school. I will never forget what he taught me by example, and I will strive to be like him in the future.

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Your students will be more comfortable understanding you if you are positive and joyful with them. Focus. The teacher must control both the classroom behavior and the preparation of the students for class. Your students should be able to relate to the information you give.

What are the top 10 qualities of a great teacher?

Good Teachers Are Strong Communicators.
Good Teachers Listen Well.
Good teachers focus on collaboration.
Good teachers are adaptable.
Engaging Teachers Make Good Teachers.
Good teachers show empathy.
Great teachers have patience.
Good teachers value real-world learning.

Why do I love my teacher’s essay?

She is a wonderful teacher and assists you in understanding the subject thoroughly with practical examples. She is enthusiastic about helping and will answer all of our questions. She doesn’t scold us or beat us in class. She teaches good behavior and disciplines us when we make mistakes.