Conversation Between Teacher and Student

Conversation Between Teacher and Student in English | Simple Conversations Between Student and Teacher

Conversation Between Student and Teacher: This article covers a broad discussion of the conversation between student-teacher. Students and teachers can converse about the future, exams, or any other subject.

They could also discuss homework, studying, being late or good in class, how they feel about their assignments, etc. The purpose of the conversation should be to communicate. Communication is used to bring people together.

Without the use of communication, relationships with others can take place without any conversation. Sometimes talk can even stop when there is an attachment.

Conversation between teacher and student about exam preparation

Student: Good morning, sir.

Teacher: Good morning.

Student: Sir! My examination is just around the corner. Could you please give me some guidance on how I should prepare for my examination?

Teacher: Yes! First, you should get rid of your mobile. This is a huge distraction.

Student: Ok, sir.

Teacher: You should read all of your texts.

Student: Sir, I have a problem with my memory.

Teacher: Try to understand the material instead of learning.
Concentrate on one main theme at a moment until you are able to grasp it.

Student: Sir, some of my friends planned to do group studies. Is it possible?

Teacher: Yes. Also, you should solve old question papers to get familiar with the format.

Student: Thank you, sir.

Teacher: Please let me know if I can assist you.

Student: Sure, sir.

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Conversation Between Student and Teacher About Future

Teacher: What plans do you have for your future after completing your board exam?

Student: Sir, it all depends on how many marks you get.

Teacher: So what do you think you would do if your matric results were good?

Student: I will attend F.S.C. pre-medical meetings. I will be joining I.C.S.

Teacher: How did you determine medical groups?

Student: I think many people die because of inadequate medical assistance. They are unable to afford significant medical costs. I will help them, but they won’t pay any fees.

Teacher: Your statements fall apart because every student initially shows pity but doesn’t keep his promise. He becomes materialistic.

Student: I would not join that evil group. My grandmother was very ill, and we couldn’t get the appropriate treatment because we weren’t able to pay. My goal in life is to become a well-known physician. I also want to serve the public as a good citizen, helping the less fortunate at no cost.

Teacher: Ok, then. I wish that you are victorious in your ambitions.
Student: Thank you, sir.

Conversation between teacher and student about homework

Conversation between teacher and student about homework

Teacher: Show me your homework notebook.

Student: Sorry, sir. I forgot to finish my homework.

Teacher: This is not your first time. It is common for you not to do your homework correctly. Let me contact your parents to tell them.

Student: Sir, please don’t tell my parents.

Teacher: When are you going to do your homework perfectly?

Student: Sir, I will do my homework every day from now on.

Teachers: Are You giving a Promise?

Student: Yes, sir.

Teacher: This is my last pardon. I will call your parents if you make this mistake. Are you able to understand me?

Student: Yes, sir. Thank you so much.

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Conversation Between Student and Teacher After a Long Time

Teacher: A very good Morning Students

Student: Good morning, teacher!

Teacher: How were your holidays? Do you have a good time?

Student: Yeah! It was wonderful, Madam. I went to Punjab with my family.

Teacher: That’s awesome. Write about your Jammu and Kashmir vacation.

Student: Sure, Madam!

Teacher: I am glad you could dedicate some of your vacation time to your studies.

Student: Yes, Madam. I’d dedicate an hour to my study.

Teacher: I think that’s fine. Have you finished the work I asked for?

Student: I’m close to finishing it. However, I have difficulty understanding some concepts.

Teacher: Can you please tell me which area requires more explanation?

Student: You taught me Adjectives during the last session. I found few adjectives ending in ‘ed’ and very few ending in ‘ing’. However, I don’t know where the Adjective is used.

Teacher: The ed and ing adjectives can be used to describe our feelings.

Student: What do you mean when I say that I am confused?

Teacher: Confused? No. It’s your feeling. To confuse, add an ‘ed’.

Student: Thank you, Madam. I am now more informed.

Teacher: You are always welcome.

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Conversation between teacher and student on the importance of learning English.

Student: Ma’am! Could you please take a few minutes to talk to me?

Teacher: What is it, my son?

Student: My English is bad, and my classmates often laugh at me. I don’t know any way to improve my English.

Teacher: This is a great thing. Keep in mind that English proficiency is key to success today.

Student: Ma’am. Please give me suggestions for how I can improve.

Teacher: You can start by reading English newspapers. The Telegraph would be a great choice.

Student: Will it be enough for you?

Teacher: Not really. English news and English movies are essential. Use English to communicate with your friends. It will be a great help.

Student: Thank you, ma’am.

Teacher: It will benefit you to learn English properly. This will allow you to excel in higher education and help you score better in job interviews.

Student: Thanks a lot, ma’am. I was not aware of all these.

Teacher: Welcome, my boy! Now, go and attend your classes.

Student: I’m going to try to learn English well from today.

Teacher: Excellent. Do not hesitate to reach me if there is an issue.

Student: No, ma’am. I won’t.

Teacher: That’s like a good boy!

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A Conversation Between Student and Teacher About Not Doing Homework

Teacher: (With anger.) Why are you still not completing your homework?

Student: Sir, yesterday I experienced a serious headache after leaving school.

Teacher: I will not tell lies to you.

Student: Sir, no, I am not lying.

Teacher: Can I reach your parents to tell them this story?

Student: No, Sir. (students speak in low sounds). Please don’t speak to my parents.

Teacher: Now, when will you do your homework, right?

Student: Sir! I will now finish it without any obstruction.

Teacher: I am available to help you with homework questions.

Student: OK, Sir. Let me ask your questions starting now.

Teacher: Don’t repeat that. Is that clear?

Student: I won’t repeat that, Sir.

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Classroom Conversation Between Student and Teacher

Perhaps you have had similar conversations with teachers. Perhaps you have been in that situation. Sometimes it isn’t easy to comprehend the material in class, but most teachers are willing to help.

Don’t be frightened to ask your teacher for assistance if you have difficulties in class. They will be happy to help you.

Teacher: Hi there! I’m glad to help.

Student: I’m having trouble understanding the material.

Teacher: Ok, let’s have a look. What are you experiencing trouble with?

Student: I don’t know how to solve this issue.

Teacher: Ok, let’s do it together. First, you must…

After discussing the issue with the student, the teacher said:

Teacher: Does it make sense now?

Student: I believe so. Thanks for helping me out.

Teacher: No problem. That’s what my job is. Please let me know if I can be of further help with the issue.

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Conversation Tips

There are many ways to make a conversation more enjoyable and engaging, whether you’re talking with a friend or a co-worker. Recently, a student asked a teacher how to make the conversation more interesting. The teacher’s response? “Conversations can just be as fascinating as those involved.”

These are three conversation tips that will help you get started.

1. Show interest – Although this may seem obvious, it can be not easy. Listen to the other person and express interest in their answers. Be a listener, ask follow-up questions and voice your opinions.

2. Keep it light: If you feel the conversation is getting too serious or work-like, take a step back to lighten the mood. You can share a story, tell a joke or ask a simple question. You don’t necessarily have to discuss deep and meaningful topics to have a great discussion.

3. Be respectful – If you don’t agree with someone you’re speaking to, you should respect their views and beliefs. Avoid heated discussions and arguments. Listen more than you speak. You might learn something.

FAQ’s on Conversation Between Teachers and Student

What is a conversation?

A conversation is when two people discuss something. Although it is unplanned and natural, conversations are often spontaneous. Conversations are one type of communication.

How can you be a good student dialogue?

Perform well at school
Be obedient.
Speak in English
Always be present in class
Do your homework frequently.
Cultivate self-discipline.
Be patient.

What is teacher conversation time?

Talk time for teachers (TTT), or when teachers talk to students in class, is called teacher talk time. Many modern methods aim to reduce TTT as much as possible to allow students to speak and learn from their conversations.

What is a conversation with an example?

A conversation is the exchange of ideas and opinions. One example of a conversation would be two friends having tea and talking.

What are the various types of conversation?

There are four types of conversation:-
1. Debate
2. Dialogue
3. Discourse
4. Diatribe