10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher

10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher for Children and Students

10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher Teachers play a very important role in society. Teachers are important because they develop character and competence and prepare students for larger roles such as engineers, scientists, and social reformers.

My favorite teachers always taught me how I could make the right decisions despite being faced with unpleasant situations. Our teachers are the most important role in students’ lives. They help to build character, study, and so much more. However, my favourite teacher is our most precious.

Today’s 10 Lines Essay on My Favorite Teacher is for Students and Children of Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, and Class College. Available in English or an easy translation. These essays will aid children in writing essays about my favourite teacher. Look at these Favorite Teacher 10 Line examples to learn.

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10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher for Kids | Lines on Teacher | Few Lines About Teacher | my teacher 5 lines

1. My Favorite teacher was my class teacher in UKG

2. She taught English to me because that was my favorite subject.

3. I was attracted to her presence and enjoyed going to school.

4. She used to train with a huge smile on her face.

5. We used to be able to play different games during breaks between classes.

6. If someone were crying, she would tell jokes and make fun of them so that they could laugh.

7. She was extremely affectionate and loved everyone, but she would punish people who didn’t finish their homework.

8. I was her favorite student for listening to and scoring well.

9. She also shared inspirational stories to inspire us to be the right person.

10. All of her students loved her.

10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher in English for Class 1 & Class 2 | Paragraph on My Favourite Teacher

1. Our teacher is our best guide to help us improve our character and become better people.

2. Sheema Sharma is my favorite teacher during school life.

3. She is an extraordinary lady with many different talents.

4. She loves taking care of us in class.

5. She is very friendly and doesn’t get rude.

6. She is punctual, and she never misses class. She gets to class just minutes after she arrives.

7. Sheema madam can be described as an inspiring character.

8. She inspires us daily to keep going.

9. She encourages us all to get involved in the school’s curricular activities.

10. We love her so very much, and she also loves us.

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10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher in English for Class 3 & Class 4 | My Favourite Teacher 10 Lines | few lines on teacher for class 3

1. Mrs. Madhumita Roi is my favorite teacher.

2. She is our school teacher and oversees class attendance before the prayer session.

3. She teaches math and history.

4. She has a unique way of teaching subjects using charts and presentations.

5. She is kind, caring, and a great friend to the natural world.

6. She takes a few sessions during regular classes on moral virtues such as good manners.

7. She is a skilled artist who motivates us to join the drama and singing competitions.

8. She uses examples to illustrate the correlations between events and happenings while presenting historical topics.

9. Her Vedic maths is also taught to us. This is extremely helpful when doing calculations like multiplication, division, and so on.

10. Each day she gives us an assignment and exercises, so our concepts are very clear.

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10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher in English for Class 5 & Class 6 | 10 lines on teachers in English

1. Teachers lead us from the darkness and ignorance towards the light.

2. Every student has at least one teacher that he admires. He is his idol.

3. Girija, my favorite teacher, teaches English.

4. He is from Kerala.

5. He is a man who has great thoughts and simple ways.

6. He makes it simple for us to grasp the concepts.

7. He has a special ability to relate things using live examples, which allows us to understand concepts easily.

8. He pays close attention to every student and particularly to the weaker students.

9. Apart from academics, he also makes jokes and makes learning enjoyable.

10. His teaching method is inspiring, and everyone in my class has great respect.

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10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher in English for Class 7 & Class 8 | favourite teacher speech

1. Shaun is my name. I am in class nine. Mrs. Davidson, my class teacher, is me.

2. She is an English teacher and a hard-working, skilled teacher.

3. Due to her amazing personality and charming manner, she was a favorite teacher in our school. Yes, I consider her my favorite teacher.

4. She has many advanced qualities that other teachers don’t possess, which is why her teaching style is so impressive.

5. She is kind, soft, and caring. She has never shown any anger or disrespect towards students in class.

6. We are amazed at her teaching ability. Her incredible skills allow her to explain every lesson clearly.

7. I never miss her class. She’s so kind that she gives her spare time to anyone, even if they are not in class.

8. She is one of the most valuable teachers at the school.

9. I want the opportunity to be like her. I want to be a great teacher.

10. We all love and adore her.

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10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher in English for Class 9 & Class 10 | lines on teacher in english

1. Ajay Sharma, who used Physics as a subject, was one of my favorite teachers.

2. He was shorter than average in height, but his exceptional qualities set him apart from all other teachers.

3. He was punctual and never took a leave of absence.

4. He came from a poor background, and his dedication to learning and teaching made it a favorite.

5. He answered all the questions that were asked of him by students.

6. We waited eagerly for his class because he always encouraged us.

7. He was attentive to the questions of each student and did not judge.

8. Ajay Sir allowed us to ask any subject-related questions anytime, in the staff room or at all.

9. My favorite thing about him is the fact that he used the evenings to teach the children of the poor, even after the school had closed.

10. Mr. Ajay Swaroop is a teacher I will always regard highly in my life.

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10 Lines Essay on My Favorite Teacher for Children and Students of Class 11 & Class 12 | paragraph on favourite teacher

1. Like my family and friends, my teachers were a huge part of my childhood. They have played a significant role in my development and character.

2. They inspired and motivated us personally, not only academically.

3. Every teacher I’ve had throughout my life has greatly influenced me. But one teacher is special. This is my 8th-grade teacher, Mr. Anwar Hussain.

4. .He was my history teacher. That subject was the one I hated the most.

5. He somehow made history more interesting and accessible. His lectures were just like storytelling.

6. His teaching style was incredible. He was so passionate about ensuring we understood every word that he kept his handwritten notes of every chapter.

7. Apart from the teaching, his personality was what truly inspired me.
He was composed and calm most of the time. He never scolded anyone.

8. Nobody ever dared cross the line in his classes; even then, everyone respected him.

9. Even today, when faced with a difficult situation, I look to him for help.

10. His dedication, discipline, and personality have inspired me, and I want to be just as calm and focused as him.

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Why is it important for teachers?

Teachers have a natural and important impact on a person’s life. Teachers spend a lot of time with students, which significantly influences their education and personality development.

What would you say about your favorite teacher?

A teacher who is dear to you is kind, soft, easy-going, enthusiastic, and gentle. He is a great teacher who students can go to with concerns or problems. A good teacher listens, understands, and takes time to help that student.

What can teachers do to help us?

Students can rely on teachers to help them complete their tasks. Teachers help students plan lessons and study programs and guide them by sharing their learnings with others.

Which teacher or subject has inspired you most in your entire life?

My high school Physics teacher inspired me the most. He recognized my potential and encouraged me to reach my goals.

Do you find your teacher exceptional?

My teacher is a wonderful person. Her teaching style and understanding are what I love. She ensured that everyone was heard.