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Essay on My Mother – As a child grows older, even before they go to school, they are given an education at home with their Mother. Whatever we do in our lives, motherhood and mothers are a major part of this. They are our primary teachers and are a vital element in our lives.

Mothers are a crucial part of the lives of every person in the capacity of a protector, a partner, and an instructor. Mothers are compassionate, selfless human beings whose kindness, sacrifice, and love for their families are beyond measure. In this essay on my Mother, I’m going to discuss the love I have for my Mother along with the main reasons for which she has a special place within my soul.

In addition to the essay on my Mother, we have divided the essay into paragraphs to assist you in writing an essay on the subject of my Mother. This is why we present 10 lines of essay on My Mother written for children and students of English in classes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and collage

This can assist students in learning more about their mothers. It will also make them feel closer to their Mother, so take a look ahead and write your essay on your Mother using the assistance of these My Mother Essay examples.

10 Lines Essay on My Mother In English (Example 1)

1. The name of my mother is Mrs. Maya Kapur.

2. Teaching is her passion, and she is passionate about instructing students.

3. She is extremely caring.

4. She dresses me in school uniform to go to school.

5. She cooks the best food I have ever had.

6. She is a great help with my assignments.

7. She criticizes me for my errors.

8. I like playing table games and board games.

9. She is the one who takes care of our family and maintains household items.

10. I love her from the core of my heart.

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10 Lines Essay on My Mother For Students (Example 2)

1. My mother’s Name is Anjana Roy.

2. “Anjana” is the word for “mother of Lord Hanuman’.

3. She is in charge of all within the household.

4. She is employed in a major IT firm as a manager of products.

5. She also cooks my favorite meals for me whenever she has enough time.

6. She assists me in getting ready for school each day.

7. Additionally, she assists me in finishing my assignments so I don’t be scolded in school.

8. My mother is worried about me in case I fail to stay healthy. She prays for all’s health and well-being to God each day.

9. She is my most trusted friend. She also supports me through every step change in my daily life.

10. She is the most effective teacher and, without a doubt, the most amazing mother ever.

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10 Lines Essay on My Mother For Class 7 and 8 (Example 3)

1. My mother’s name is Mrs. Asha Daga.

2. She is a housewife.

3. She is a responsible and beautiful lady.

4. She is responsible for every need in the household.

5. She makes the most time when I am at home working and playtime.

6. She is a fan of gardening in the kitchen, and she also grows gorgeous flowers.

7. She assists me in recognizing my mistakes and assists me to correct them.

8. She is a great teacher of life lessons.

9. She is among my very best friends.

10. I love and adore her.

10 Lines Essay on My Mother For Class 10,11 and 12 (Example 4)

1. The name of my mother’s maiden name is Mrs. Sunita Sharma.

2. Doctor by profession. by trade and, aside from that, she is also a lover of the outdoors, and we, therefore, have at least one hike through the mountains every year.

3. She balances her professional and personal life efficiently.

4. She encourages me to become a responsible and successful doctor, and she is always with me to guide me through my journey.

5. Despite her hectic schedule at the hospital, she can make time to spend with her family and care for us.

6. We love cooking together; therefore, we cook and enjoy meals with our family every weekend.

7. She’s very kind, but she is also very strict. She will always ensure to reach out when I’m not doing my best in life.

8. She’s always in my life as a great friend. She is aware of my preferences and likes and my best friends, and she frequently invites them over to spend time together.

9. She helps me live my life with integrity and responsibly. She also inspires me to be a hard worker and dedicate myself to my studies and family.

10. She inspires me to be my best self, and I love her.

Essay on My Mother (150 Words)

The woman who stands alongside me is the one and only “My Mother.”. As a young infant, she took care of me for the entire day without taking care of herself. She is aware of everything needed and what time and provides the identical. The true definition of affection, love, responsibility, etc. I learned from my mother.

She was my first teacher, who was my teacher in all things. When I began crawling, she advised me to walk. When I fell, she held my hands and made me walk. She taught me to talk and how to say and all that is required to develop. She never fails to forgive me for my mistakes. Sometimes she will criticize me for my mistakes to help me improve myself.

Mother is the key person in my family, who is the one who brings all the family members together. She is always there to take charge of the family members’ well-being and diet. She assists me with my assignments and homework and always takes care of my academics, career, and future. Mother is the greatest God-created God in this universe. She has a child who loves him unconditionally. We love you, mom.

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Essay on My Mother (200 Words)

My Mother has always been a source of comfort for me, always there to help me through all the bumps and valleys of life. She can be found sleeping all night, helping me through illness and other difficult days.

Mother was my primary teacher who guided me throughout my life and was aware of my obligations to society, my family, and our country. Her contributions to my family always inspire me to stay in the right direction.

My mother is a goddess of the living who, in awe of her power, takes away all my pain from my family and showers us with affection and love. Mother has been the most important individual in my existence.

She has always cared for me, looked after me every single moment, and is my most significant happiness. The mom’s role is different and is the most precious time. My mom is a modest, gentle, and down-to-earth person who always pays intense attention to our interactions and conversations.

She is the epitome of selfless love, sought-after sincerity, a need for honesty with a lot of care, and an educator who guides me on how to tackle the most difficult difficulties of life. My Mother is my biggest motivational figure who helped me reach my goals and remain fit and courageous by facing the challenges in life.

My Mother is my teacher, superhero, and most trusted friend. She has been the foundation of my education and assisted me in developing my talents and capabilities. It is impossible to compare genuine compassion and love throughout my life. Her selfless and caring thoughts are the most precious thing I hold onto.

The constant prayers of my Mother and her blessings have made me successful in every aspect of my life. The phrase “A mother knows that she is the best and loves her children the best’ seems true because no one else can claim her place as a strong and supportive person throughout my entire life.

My Mother Essay In English (400 Words)

Mothers are an example of unconditional love and compassion, integrity, confidence, courage, and dedication. She serves as an adult and mentor, guide, and educator for their child. She shines a light on the room through her acts of love and smile. The word’ Mother’ sums up an immense amount of emotion for each child.

It emotionally connects us and draws us close to her. The love and affection of a mother are unstoppable, and surprisingly animals also display an intense sense of protection in motherhood. Mothers are not always biologically connected to children, but she is the one who nurtures and feeds the children in all aspects of their growth.

My mother is the essence of affection, honesty, and honesty. She is the primary source of tremendous blessings and love in the family. Her selfless and endless supply of affection and love is undemanding, and she does not ask for any reward. My mom is a caring person for all within the family and encourages me to be dedicated to being sincere, honest, hardworking, and brave soon to come.

The love of a mother isn’t bound or restricted to her family. She is adamant about sharing her love and kindness with animals and those in need. Through these acts, she is always sensitive to animals and their environment. Although my Mother isn’t physically strong, she can still overcome every obstacle in her life with her entire family.

She is an ongoing motivation source and inspires me not to give up when faced with adversity. In the end, My Mother is my primary source of motivation that aids me in improving my general skills, abilities, and abilities. She encourages me to attempt every time, never quit, and push until I have achieved success.

My Mother is my life, the one I can count on in difficult moments. Although she may scold my behavior and correct me, she is the only person with the strength to resolve the issue, regardless of whether it is school-related or personal.

She is my mentor and guide who illuminates the way and guides me through the most difficult moments. She is always by my side in all of her ways, even during the darkest and most challenging moments.

Long Essay on My Mother in English (1000 Words)


The famous English author Rudyard Kipling once said, ‘God is not everywhere, so He created mothers.’ The quote stresses the importance and significance of a mother not being less important than the role of God. Mothers are a symbol of love and care that is unimaginable. The family will not be complete without a mother. She fills the spaces in our lives and symbolizes unconditional love and compassion.

My Mother is the only one who I trust completely. She is a tireless worker and the only reason behind my development and growth. She is never a divider in the family, and she showers unwavering and unconditional love and affection on everyone in members of our family members. The love she has for her family is unwavering and unconditional. She is willing to sacrifice all of her wants and wants for the good and well-being of the family. My mother is my main source of inspiration and has played an integral role in my physical, holistic and mental development.

Definition of a Mother:

A mother’s role cannot be described in a few words. In simple words, a mother is an unwavering lover, caregiver, fighter, cook, baker, friend, psychotherapist, and disciplinarian. Mothers carry every good and bad burden as the hour’s increase and are often neglected. Mothers are never given much respect and recognition for their tireless and unstoppable efforts.

A mother is a person with many talents that make her the symbol of dedication and love. She is the model of forgiveness, and she forgives and accepts us for each error we make. She rectifies our mistakes using strict procedures and ensures that we acknowledge our mistakes and accept our responsibility. Mothers work tirelessly to meet our needs throughout the day and night, all day long out.

A mother is there to comfort you in times of need and who sacrifices her time and makes an effort to provide her child with a safe and happy life. Mothers are compassionate human beings. She has the same qualities as the sun, who seeks out darkness and showers the light of love and happiness on her family.

Role of My Mother:

My mother plays a crucial part in the growth and well-being of our family. She is the glue that binds our family with her unconditional love, love, and love. She is the ideal home for my family and also teaches us in a way that is the ideal role model.

I often refer to my Mother as the one who reads non-verbal signals to indicate that she has built a stronger connection with her family. She is the ultimate source of help during any physical, emotional, or behavioral change without any trouble.

She imparts the values of confidence, trust as well as emotional security. She has been an integral element in the development of the behavior of my siblings as well as me. She acts as an emotional anchor and is a huge contributor to the overall positive impact on my entire family.

The Importance of My Mother:

The significance of a mother can be understood by the dependence that her children develop. My Mother is the main source of our existence, and her life is a blessed disguise. She helps us be confident and walk and believe in our abilities.
Mothers play a significant part in shaping and influencing the child’s behavior and attitude. She instills ethical values and plays a major part in educating positive and negative things about a child’s life.
Mothers are the primary teachers who introduce the child to the world and are accountable for the well-being of society. Mothers are the core of all families and connect everyone into a strong and cohesive group. My mother assumes the role of the sculptor as she molds and directs the way that has provided me with a bright and prestigious future.

Qualities of My Mother:

A mother is natural and acquired qualities that define her function as a mother. Motherhood is an obligation, which is a most important quality of a mother. My mother shows selfless love and affection regardless of age or consequences.

My mother is my main strength and a support system always there to support us through our highs and lows. Mothers can be understanding and compassionate towards their families. My mother’s most courageous quality is her high tolerance and level of patience. She is calm and patient even when faced with many issues.

My Mother Essay Conclusion:

My mother is a sacred image of selfless love, forgiveness, and kindness, as well as boldness as well as fearlessness, and patience. The selfless love of my mother towards our family cannot be duplicated by anything or any other person in the world.

I think the mother figure plays the most crucial part in a child’s development and education since she is the main figure model for the child. We must shower her with the unconditional love and affection she deserves during her golden years.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Essay on My Mother

When Did Mother’s Day be Celebrated in India and Why?

The second Sunday in May each year is honored as Mother’s Day to show our gratitude for the beautiful woman we have in our lives. Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 and was founded by a woman named Anna Jarvis.

Jarvis worked hard to establish an event in the loving memory of her mother, who passed away in 1905. She initiated an initiative to celebrate this day as a national holiday in the United States. Jarvis hosted a memorial ceremony to honor her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. The International Mother’s Day Shrine is also held in the same spot each year.

What makes a mother so special?

They are unique since they’re moms. They are the superwomen who complete all household chores, take charge of their children, is a good wife, perform their duties, and in the evening, should you want her help, she will say “yes” with a smile on her face.

How do I write an essay on My Mother?

To write an essay about the subject in the book “My Mother,” first create a framework for your writing. Each essay should have the introduction, body, and conclusion, So keep this in your head. When you begin your essay, it is important to introduce your topic and briefly outline the subject you intend to compose about. The introduction should not exceed just one paragraph.

Then, you should plan the body of your essay. It will be the biggest section of your essay as it will include the most details. In this portion, pick four things about your mom you admire and write a brief paragraph about each. For instance, you might write that you admire the ability of your mother to cook delicious meals every day.

Write a couple of sentences about the type of food she prepares and how everybody in your family loves it. Write this down for each point, and you’ll be able to write 4 paragraphs of body text. In the end, you have to compose the conclusion. In essays, the conclusion is usually a summary of all the information discussed in the essay. It also ends with a closing sentence. The final sentence can be a paragraph that expresses how much you love your mother.