10 lines on my hobby

10 Lines Essay on My Hobby for Classes 1-8 in English

10 lines on my hobby – A hobby is an activity that we enjoy and which can be used to relieve stress or boost mood. When children get home from school after a long day, they encourage them to pursue their hobbies.

Some people have the opportunity to make their hobby their career. It would be best if you always kept your hobby close by you; it is a great way to bring it back to life.

Today we present a simple 10-line essay on my hobby (Reading and Writing, Dancing and Painting, Swimming, Computer Gaming) for students and children in English classes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. This will help them understand the importance of their hobby.

10 Lines Essay on My Hobby For Student In English (Example 1)

1. A hobby is something that one enjoys doing in their spare time.

2. Different people have different hobbies.

3. Reading books is my favorite hobby.

4. My leisure time is spent reading all kinds of books.

5. Literature is my favorite genre. My time is spent reading short stories, novels, and dramas.

6. I have compiled a number of books.

7. I own books by Shakespeare, Panchtantra and Charles Dickens.

8. Books are my friends, and they keep me from being in bad company.

9. I am so obsessed with books that I forget to eat my meals on time.

10. My hobby is something I am proud to do.

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10 Lines Essay on My Hobby For Student In English For Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. (Example 2)

1. My hobby is collecting toys for cars from movies.

2. Lightning McQueen is my favorite car. It’s a racing car.

3. Lightning McQueen is a favorite personality of mine.

4. Mt’s favorite color for cars is white because McQueen also likes white.

5. All my cars are kept in my chest drawers top. No one can touch them.

6. When I have some time, I like to clean my toy cars.

7. I also learned the names of all my cars.

8. I always look for new cars when I go to the shop.

9. My dad is also an avid car lover.

10. I would love to be able to drive Lightning McQueen’s fast racing car one day.

10 Lines Essay on My Hobby For Student In English For Classes 6,7 and 8 (Example 3)

1. A hobby is something we do when we have spare time.

2. Reading is my favorite hobby. It enhances my knowledge and helps me be well informed about many topics.

3. I read newspapers and books regularly, including stories, comics, and children’s magazines.

4. I also enjoy reading books on animals, birds, and nature.

5. I have enjoyed reading books since my kindergarten years. It has made a huge difference in my reading skills.

6. Reading has been a way to enrich my vocabulary, and it has allowed me to acquire useful facts and information.

7. Reading has made it possible for me to compete in various school competitions, such as debates, quizzes, or essay rounds.

8. The school library encourages readers to enjoy the hobby by lending many informative and useful books.

9. My love for reading has greatly helped my school projects and assignments.

10. Reading has helped improve my imagination skills. It also made it easy to create long sentences, and I have no difficulty doing so.

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10 Lines Essay on My Hobby Reading Books

1. My favorite hobby, however, is reading books.

2. I have hobbies such as drawing, dancing or reading books, painting, writing, cricket, and football.

3. I am a hobbyist and enjoy spending my free time fulfilling my passions.

4. Books are my favorite friends.

5. I’m well knowledgeable of the advantages of reading books.

6. Reading books can be one of the best ways to exercise our minds.

7. Good books brought me regularity in my life.

8. My passion for reading has taught me a lot about historical events.

9. Reading books can increase our knowledge.

10. I have a great collection of books in the house.

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10 Lines Essay on My Hobby Dancing

1. My favorite hobby is dancing.

2. I have several hobbies such as drawing, dancing, reading books, painting or playing cricket.

3. I spend my free time fulfilling my hobbies.

4. Dancing is a way to have fun or entertain others.

5. Dancing is a great habit that I am very aware of.

6. Dancing is one great exercise for the body.

7. It allows us to be more relaxed.

8. I enjoy participating in dance competitions at school and also love participating in other types of dancing programs.

9. I practice every day to be a good dancer.

10. There are many types and styles of dance: Folk dance, modern dance, swing dance, and contemporary; Kathakali is some of the dancing styles.

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10 Lines Essay on My Hobby Cricket

1. Cricket is my favorite hobby.

2. A few of my hobbies are drawing, dancing, reading, painting, cricket, and football.

3. I enjoy my hobbies and spend my free time doing them.

4. There are many games we play every day: kabaddi (football, cricket), badminton (basketball, badminton), basketball, Kho-Kho and baseball, wooly ball, etc.

5. I know that playing cricket is a great habit.

6. This is one of our favorite games, and we have a lot of fun playing it.

7. Even though there are live matches on TV, I still enjoy cricket.

8. Different limbs are challenged during fielding, bowling, and batting.

9. Two teams play the game; each team has 11 players.

10. It is India’s most beloved sport.

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10 Lines Essay on My Hobby Video Game

1. My hobby is somewhat different.

2. I love playing video games.

3. This is how I spend most of the time.

4. We have a PlayStation 5 in our home. My older brother gifted it to me.

5. I love racing games, and I have 5 or 6 racing games on the PlayStation 5.

6. Sometimes, my mother stopped playing with me because it was a waste of time.

7. In the future, I hope to become a game development professional and develop games similar to what I play.

8. Videogaming is a time-wasting machine. Everyone should be aware.

9. It can be addictive and could take up all your time.

10. I am a huge fanatic of video games. However, my time is valuable, and I will use it well.

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10 Lines Essay on My Hobby Gardening

1. My hobby is gardening. I enjoy it, and it is good for the human spirit.

2. Gardening can be very hard work and an inspiring job.

3. Last year, visiting my cousins in West Bengal, their garden was amazing. I was motivated to plant a garden.

4. My cousin helped me with the proper information and guidance when I started my garden. My parents were also very supportive.

5. My father bought every plant at the market, and my mother helped me seed them.

6. I decided to make my garden in our backyard. My father agreed and let me plant a small garden there.

7. I was initially interested in growing flowers. When I saw the incredible growth of plants, it inspired me to plant vegetables.

8. I now have 20 different kinds of vegetables and flowers.

9. It’s something that I am proud of. My garden is a favorite spot of many of my friends.

10. I want to grow my garden. I love spending time in my garden. I read books and take a seat on the chair in the afternoon. The flowers bring me good feelings.

10 Lines Essay on My Hobby Singing

1.Singing is my hobby.
2.Singing is an artistic art form.
3.There are many well-known singers.
4.I learned to sing by watching television.
5.Also, my mother teaches me to sing.
6.She is a talented singer.
7.She encourages me daily to practice.
8.I sing in my spare time.
9.Also, I sing in singing competitions.
10.When I grow up, my dream is to be a musician.