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10 Lines Essay On My Best Friend For Students

My best friend 10 lines essay with simple sentences is here. Today, we presented 10 Lines of Essay regarding My Best Friend for students, kids, and Juniors of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English.

However, our friends are the family members that we choose. Please make sure you choose them carefully because when they’re great, you are truly amazing with them. Friends are an essential element of any person’s life. They can significantly influence the person you develop into, especially your most trusted friend.

Essay on My Best Friendship Humans as social animals. While we are at peace in our own space, However, there are times when we require someone to talk to or discuss our worries and thoughts with, someone who we can have fun with, and a person to laugh with. Our family is something we choose by chance, and we cannot choose.

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10 Lines on My Best Friend for Students of Classes 1, 2, 3,4

  1. I have a very good friend Rohan.
  2. We study in the same school.
  3. We have fun playing together.
  4. We also do our homework together.
  5. We share our lunches.
  6. He excels in the classroom.
  7. He assists me in solving math equations.
  8. My parents also like him.
  9. His parents treat me like a son.
  10. I love my best friend.

10 Lines Essay on My Best Friend for Children and Students of Classes 5, 6

  1. I have a close friend in my life who is truly near to me.
  2. It’s my best friend, Ajay.
  3. We have been friends since the beginning of the school year.
  4. We discuss all of our issues and secrets with one another. She’s funny as I am, and we laugh quite a bit.
  5. We also get advice and suggestions from one another on various aspects.
  6. She excels in maths, and I’m great at English, and we can both support one another in our respective subjects.
  7. She is near my home, and we play together during the evenings after school.
  8. Our families also get to know one another. My mother treats me like the daughter she has.
  9. The elders of our generation say that we are inseparable.
  10. I love her dearly and hope that she can be my friend for all time.

10 Lines Essay on My Best Friend for Children and Students of Classes 7, 8

  1. I have many friends in school, but Seon is my Best friend.
  2. Seon is an extremely well-behaved child.
  3. We have been best buddies since we were in kindergarten.
  4. Seon is two-lane ahead of us. We also attend the same school.
  5. We have played together and been involved in numerous sports competitions at school.
  6. We support each other when doing assignments and homework and working on worksheets.
  7. Seon is sweet and soft-spoken.
  8. He is a talker and is a friendly person.
  9. He is polite, honest, and sincere. He is never a waste of food and helps those in need.
  10. I am grateful to have an amazing friend who lives close by and helps me with homework and other study-related issues.

10 Lines Essay on My Best Friend for Children and Students of Classes 9, 10, 11, 12, and College

  1. When I refer to the word “best friend” I am referring to someone I can trust as strongly as I can and who is as precious to me as my entire family.
  2. I have a buddy exactly like that. He is the one I call my best friend. The name of my best friend is Summon.
  3. Kapish and I have been in contact since we were in preschool. I can still recall the day I first saw him. It was the first day our school was in session, and I was his bench and a mate.
  4. We were initially apprehensive since we’re both introverted, but we truly got along after a while. We have so much fun and enjoy ourselves so much with one another.
  5. It’s been more than 10 years since we’ve been friends. And I have faith in him as I trust my brother. We also have a lot in common in committing crimes. The best part is that he’s an amazing person. I always feel inspired by his example to improve my own life.
  6. We’ve stood by each other through all the challenges and ups in our lives. He is an individual I trust whenever I need a bit of advice or an opinion regarding a particular issue.
  7. With him, it’s like I can be whatever I want to be without the need for judgment. I can share everything that’s happening with me with no worries or doubts.
  8. Both of our families are very well-liked. My mother treats me as his son, and all his family members know about our bond of unbreakable love, similar to my family. His home is an extra-special place for me.
  9. He’s like a family member to me, and I am happy to have him as a part of my life. He is always there for me, and I strive to do exactly like him.
  10. I love him dearly and would like to be as close to each other throughout our lives, even if we live miles apart.

20 Lines on My Best Friend Essay for Class 1 Students

Twenty Lines plus sentence Essay and speech on my Best friend for children Class 1 and 2 students, with quotes and information points.

  1. True is the only gift from God that only the lucky man could ever receive.
  2. I am blessed to have one wonderful, honest old friend from my childhood.
  3. Rakesh has been my favorite friend since my childhood days
  4. He is my classmate and is located near my home.
  5. He is the father of Rakesh of Doctor, who is also my most trusted friend. Father.
  6. I do enjoy my Eid days and birthday celebration with Rakesh.
  7. Rakesh is a true and trustworthy friend who guided me through my studies.
  8. Rakesh loves me and will take any action to safeguard me.
  9. During the summer holidays, each family took a vacation together.
  10. We both love spending time when we are on vacation together with family.
  11. Anjali is his sister to Rakesh. She is also my best friend. My sister.
  12. Thanks to Rakesh, I have received awards and prizes at my school events.
  13. We both take our studies seriously to impress our parents.
  14. Rakesh’s goal Rakesh is to be an air pilot.
  15. I am also adamant about becoming the most effective doctor.
  16. I love Rakesh because he’s an intelligent, brilliant, and honest man like all the others.
  17. We go to the same institution and are part of the same batch.
  18. Rakesh is the greatest cricketer and a fiery stage performer.
  19. He is always first in the tabloids, speeches, and other contests.
  20. The teachers at my school applaud Rakesh for his dedication to the school and his sincerity and loyalty.

Long and Short Essay on My Best Friend in English

We have included a variety of paragraphs and essays on my best friend (short and detailed) in different word limits for students in classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, etc. Our writing my best friend essay will relieve the stress between students and parents. You can pick one of our essays for your children or children per your needs.

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My Best Friend Essay (100 words)

My best friend is Archana during school. We have been good friends from childhood and keep in touch. She is smart with a fair complexion and cheeks that are dimpled. It’s a beautiful girl. I like her so much. I can still recall when we first came together in kindergarten and became friends for life.

She is extremely entertaining, fun, cheerful, and kind. She greatly understands me and is always willing to help me through every situation, whether happy or bad. We have been classmates for a while and are always together. We attend school every day together and regularly play sports on the ground near our home.

My Best Friend Essay (150 words)

It isn’t easy to have everyone involved in true friendship, but those who succeed are extremely lucky in a large crowd. It’s a wonderful and the most valuable gift in the world. Being a true friendship is rare and regarded as one of the greatest achievements of the present. I am lucky enough to say I have a friend from my youth. He is Naveen, and he’s with me. He is extremely important to me, and I appreciate his friendship greatly. He is truly my closest and most trustworthy friend.

We are both in the 7th grade and doing thoroughly. My best friend is charming and is appreciated by everyone, such as my teacher’s parents, friends, and others. He is among the ideal students in my class. He is punctual and shows up to school on time. He can always complete his work at home on time and frequently assists me as well. He makes sure that his books and copies are neat. His writing style is excellent, and he helps me write better too.

My Best Friend Essay (200 words)

Friends are an essential aspect of our lives. Everyone has friends. However, every friend isn’t the same. Some friends stand out all the time in every life. In my own life, I have a special friend and consider him my top friend. He is named Adil.

We read in class three times. We’re at the end of class 3. He is in my neighborhood. We have a lot of fun together. We’re also family friends since we have lived in the same house for a long time. His parents visit us often at our house. We also go to visit them.

Sometimes, he stops by my home to help me with my assignments. He’s a very clever and talented student. According to the roll number, He is the first student in the class. He doesn’t have ego issues; He is helpful to all. He also serves as the class captain.

I believe that he has the qualities of a leader in his. When I encounter any hurdle or issue at school, I can contact him, and the school is always there to help me. The most supportive person I’ve ever encountered. We wish to continue our friendship forever. We have a great understanding.

My Best Friend Essay (250 words)

The name of my most trusted best friend is Jyoti. She is my best friend who cares about me very much. She’s very nice and always helps. I met her in 6th grade, and she quickly became my best friend. She is my best friend because she is a great listener.

Well and takes care of me in every way. I love her very much. I have never had an acquaintance like her before. She visits my house, and I also visit her house. Our parents are very respectful of us deeply and admire our relationship. She is so dear to me, and I would never wish her to go away. If I’m absent from class, she aids me with all the homework and the class work.

She’s very similar to me in many ways. She is never in a fight with me and can describe in detail everything I am stuck with. She is a tolerant girl who doesn’t feel guilty for me being a bit naughty. She is extremely amusing, making me laugh with her humorous jokes and discussions during her free time. She is adorable and attractive. She entices all with her smile and charming manner of speaking.

She always encourages me to succeed in school and during exams. We excel in academics and sports. My opinions are respected throughout her work completed properly. We can communicate during tough moments. We always score better on the tests in class and on main examinations.

My Best Friend Essay (300 words)

Introduction, The concept of friendship is a vital aspect of our lives. We all have friends; in fact, we require friends to be with, share feelings and have the things we enjoy. Friendship is an important relationship. It’s not a matter of boundaries as friendship could result in labour and engineers simultaneously.

It is the reason we should prioritize this relationship. While every friendship isn’t identical, certain friendships are extraordinary. Everyone has that one friend who is your closest and the most beloved. We refer to him as a best friend. We all have the best of friends. Today, I will write regarding my dearest friend.

My best friend: My greatest acquaintance’s name’s Rahul. My classmate is Rahul, and we studied together in the first class. Since we first began to meet, we have always been together and have grown through a strong bond. We share many things, which is why we’ve been so closely bonded.

Rahul is an extremely good boy. His manner of conduct is very good. He’s very helpful, too. If I encounter any issue at school, I notify him immediately. He is always trying to resolve my issue. Every time, he is successful in solving these. In the evenings after school, we would play together at the nearby playground.

Sometimes, he comes to my home, and I visit his house. My parents are very fond of him, and his parents love them. They are also great friends. They get together and chat often. Particularly on special occasions and send each other sweets to their home.
Conclusion: I want to keep this friendship going throughout my life. Rahul is the person who truly understands me and also regards me to be his most trusted friend. We are very grateful to be friends of one another.

My Best Friend Essay (400 words)

I have the most wonderful friend in my entire life, known as Ashutosh. He is a special person in my life who supports me through every challenge. He was the one who showed me the right path. He is always available for me, despite his hectic schedule. He’s my neighbor, so we stay in touch even after school.

We get together for picnics every time we have a break from school. We love our holiday season together and also with our family. We visited the Ramlila fair at the Ramlila ground and enjoyed it.

We are always involved in all extracurricular activities at the school. We are awestruck by playing the game of cricket and carom in our homes. He’s more than an instructor for me as I always get the correct advice whenever I am stuck.

He has been very special to me throughout my life. I can’t do things without him. He is always positive and is never opposed to the wrong way of thinking. He always does the right thing and encourages each student in his class to be the same.

He always smiles even during the toughest moments and never allows the difficulties of his life to show his face. He is a great counselor and is great at explaining everything. He takes care of his grandparents, parents, and other family members.

He keeps them in his mind and the other older members of society. I first met him as a student in the 5th grade. We are now at the 8th standard of the same class.

He’s very tall and stands out from the other students. One time I was extremely angry because of my money situation. I was unable to purchase all the books I needed for 6th grade.

He wanted to know what went wrong, and I explained to him the details of my experience. He explained that you were worried and unhappy for a couple of days with this little issue. He smiled and said it was okay to use all the books at school and home. There is no need to purchase every single book you want for the entire year. He amused me with his stories and jokes.

I’ll never forget the time he helped me, and he is always willing to help me. He is extremely practical and doesn’t mix his personal and professional lives. He always helps me whenever I have difficulty with the problems in my Maths homework. Our opinions and likes don’t coincide, but we are wonderful friends.

Conclusion: A good friend is essential in the world. I have Ritika as my best friend, and they will be my best friend for the rest of the time. We share many things that make up the foundation of our friendship.

Best Friend Essay In (450 Words)

Friendship is among the most precious blessings that not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy. We will meet many people throughout our lives, but there is a handful who make a lasting impression on us. My best friend is one person who has managed to have a positive effect on my personal life. We’ve been a part of each other’s lives for a long time, and our relationship is evolving. She’s been there with me through different kinds of thicks and thins. Ultimately, I am blessed to have her as the best person in my world. In this essay about my most trusted friend, I’ll describe how we met and her greatest qualities.

Our Friendship

Our friendship began when my friend from high school joined us as a brand new member of our class. We both were reluctant to engage in conversation initially, but slowly we formed a friendship. I remember the first time my best friend attempted to speak to me. I turned my eyes as I thought there was no point and we would never hit each other off. But, to my delight, we became best friends towards the session’s close.

We discovered so many things about one another and discovered that our tastes in fashion and music were very alike. From that point on, there was no stopping us. We spent every moment together, and our bond was an instant talk in the school. We would help each other in class and visit each others’ homes too. We always made sure we had lunch on Sundays. We also watched movies and cartoons with each other.

During our summer vacation, we also went camping and created many memories. During the summer vacations, I also went with her on a trip to visit my grandparents’ house. We had a wonderful time at their home.

We even devised the handshake that only we two could have. Through this friendship, I discovered that family doesn’t just end by blood, as my most trusted friend was the same as my family. Friendship is a relationship you pick and is different from any other relationship.

Qualities of My Best Friend

I believe that one of the primary reasons for me to form such an intimate relationship with my dearest friend was due to the qualities she has. Her bravery always encouraged me to raise my voice to protest injustice because she was always adamant against her bullies.

She’s also one of the brightest minds in the class who excels academically and in other aspects of life. I’ve never witnessed an artist as talented as my friend. The awards she has received prove her talents.

Most importantly, the thing that attracts me most is her kindness. She always follows the same mindset when it comes to animals or people. For instance, when she saw an injured stray dog crying in pain, my dear friend didn’t just get him treated. She also took him in as a pet.

In the same way, she came across an old lady in need on the streets, and she was able to pay for lunch. My friend was not one to hesitate to give all of the money to the lady in need. This incident has made me appreciate her more and encouraged me to assist the poor more often.

My connection with my dearest friend is among my most treasured items. We challenge one another to be our best and we’re always there when we need to be. We encourage each other to be the best and are always there for each other when we need it.

A good friend is an exquisite gem. I am blessed to have discovered that precious treasure of my life.
Conclusion: The conclusion is that friendship is a positive relationship. It is important to respect the person we are with and must keep the friendship alive with our friends. Always try to assist them and continue to help them through the tough moments.

My Best Friend Essay (500 words)

We began to become friends upon admission into our new class. During the initial days, we were nervous about getting to know each since we didn’t have any prior acquaintances. However, as time passed, we became best friends within the group. I remember the very first day that I introduced myself to him. I got a very low response when I tried to speak to him. I was afraid it wouldn’t be a success. But, surprisingly, we became best buddies in the middle of an academic session.

We are said to complement one another. Our interests are alike. We both love the game of cricket and keep discussing various aspects together. When problems arise, we work to work together on the solution. Our homes are also a one-mile distance. Therefore, we go to our homes frequently. Because of this, our parents have made friends as well!In the summer of last year, we attended the same summer camp. It was a lot enjoyable! We realized that our selection of fiction and stories is very similar.

When we are together, we often use different gestures and signs to communicate that no one else can comprehend. I’ve realized that he is more than my family; we’re brothers of different mothers. There are a variety of reasons for this bonding between us. One of them is respect. My friend, to who I am closest, is warm-hearted and always helps me out to help others. He’s also a lover of music, which I believe is what makes him a beloved person. He is a singer, and I am learning how to play guitar. One day, we would like to perform together as a group.

Beyond the above attributes, aside from his character, it is his generosity that I am impressed by. His compassion for the weak and the oppressed is something to be admired. One day, I witnessed him feed a child in front of our school’s Tiffin. Since then, the boy has gained me a new degree of respect and admiration. I am attracted by his work too.

With my buddy around, I’ve discovered how the expression “a one who requires a friend is a good friend in the true sense” is real. There hasn’t been one instance where I’ve been absent from school due to an illness, and he hasn’t assisted me with my classwork. Our respect and admiration for each other will surely increase our bond. A true friend is an important gem, and I am fortunate to have found the treasure of my life.

It could be someone you share a bond with through the most beloved film or TV show, or perhaps you are a fan of attending the library with them and reading books. Or perhaps you have someone you engage in deep conversations with or a new relationship you developed at school or work. A friend could be any type in our lives that naturally makes our lives more enjoyable simply by being there. It’s essential to consider what are the most important characteristics of friendships as they play a significant influence on our lives. It is important to know the characteristics of true friends and who are ones to stay clear of.

Who is your best friend?

Your ideal friend is someone with whom you share a deep bond of affection or love. You share a few common values and thoughts with your fellow friends. It doesn’t matter whether the person is online or offline. It’s your next-door neighbor or a friend 1,000 miles away.
There are times when people move or travel, and they can be separated from you for an extended period, or perhaps you’ve even met them online in the present day. It is not unusual, but it is not the primary factor in searching for a good friend. Typically, a friend is someone you can have confidence in, someone you talk about your struggles and worries with without having to be judged, and someone you can stand up to support the same way or enjoy being with them.

A few friends are informal, and you can occasionally talk, meet up whenever you’re within the same country, and have some laughs. When you begin to talk and catch up on your lives, it’s like nothing has happened. The friendship is secure, and it’s easy to continue where you left. A great friend is sympathetic to the difficulties or issues you’re experiencing and shows that they are concerned about confirming your emotions. They allow you to be vulnerable and vulnerable. This is because people have faith in each other and will be there for you through the tough times.

You may also have friends whom you’ve known through social media. In this case, you both have your accounts connected through social media. But perhaps you don’t speak much or even know one another through mutuals. Perhaps, now and then, you’ll share memes or comment on one another’s posts, but that’s all you share. It is not advisable to consider”friends” on social media to automatically be friends in real life because you only know one others through the persona you present yourself on the internet.

A friend or acquaintance

An acquaintance is someone you can talk to occasionally because they’re at the same workplace or university; however, the connection of a real friend is not present and is merely for laughter. An acquaintance isn’t the person you call when you’re experiencing a difficult time, just like someone you consider a friend. Some acquaintances also develop friendships over time, knowing how you connect and connect. If we allow them to be friends, it is likely to happen.

Essay on My Best Friend (600 Words)


Friendship is a positive relationship between two human beings. Everyone has friends, and we know the importance of friendship quite well. It is important to cherish the relationship between us and strive to improve our relationship with those we love. However, in the majority of cases, we have a specific person who is distinct from all the others that are alike to me and can understand me. We all have that special friend. He is known as my “best friend’.Today I’ll be sharing a variety of details about my favorite friend.

My best friend

My greatest friend is Rajib, who has been my friend from school. We have been studying together in primary school. We have been friends since childhood and spend the majority of time together. We gather and play at the nearby playground or at home when we’re not at school.

His father, Rajib, has an engineering job, and his mother is a homemaker. He was raised in a very healthy family with a nice manner of conduct. He conducts himself with respect in the school environment with everyone. He is respectful of every teacher, and teachers love him very much. Not just the teacher but the students too are very fond of him.

Rajib’s passion is gardening. He has a tiny landscape at the front of his house. One of her older cousins suggested that he begin gardening. Since then, we have all worked together to implement that plan. The garden is filled with a variety of flowers. We plan to plant some of the vegetables we grow in the gardens. I am sure he will be in a position to make the garden more spacious.

His family of his is very friendly. They are concerned about him and are supportive of his efforts. His mother is present at every exam or project time. She is extremely conscious of his studies. In the end, He has been the best student in the class. I’m hoping he’ll see his achievements going shortly.

His special skill:

Rajib has an impressive singing ability. However, we had no idea about this at an annual event where he was invited to sing the song. I thought of listening to something that was not very interesting. However, in the morning, he sang “Amaro Porano Jaha Chhay,” the Rabindranath song with a stunning vocal and tune. The entire school was quiet as he sang. I was truly impressed. I was impressed by his singing skills. I asked him to sing. He is extremely positive about this. I would like to see him one day so that he can become a famous musician.

The Common Interests Us:

We share numerous common interests, particularly in our activities and general interests. As I mentioned earlier, the gardener has a home, and it’s also a hobby for him. I’m also similar. Gardening is also one of my hobbies. I’m considering starting my backyard garden. Apart from gardening, he also enjoys reading books, just like me. He has a library of his own at home. When I am at their home, I usually spend many hours in their library. Sometimes, I take out several books and then return them after I have read them.

Our Diverse Career Ideas Apart from singing, he also wants to be a physician. He is also studying to get there. There’s a huge difference in our thinking in this instance. I’ve always wanted to be an educator in the school system. I am passionate about teaching and love my job. This is the only major distinction between our interests.

Conclusion In the end, he’s my best friend. We enjoy spending time with him. He is extremely helpful and compassionate. He is always willing to assist people. If anyone has a difficulty, He will always assist them.

FAQs on Essay on My Best Friend

What is the reason to have a Best friend?

Everyone must have one of our best friends as they are our best wishers with whom we can share our worries. It can be difficult to share information with your parents or siblings; however, with a good friend, there is no hesitation. They also always stand by us and increase our confidence.

Which are the primary characteristics of a Best friend?

A good friend should be a good listener. You should be able to talk about anything without worrying about being considered a failure. They must be encouraging and supportive of each other. Therefore, it is essential to be on the lookout for their most trusted friends when they are in need.

Do you think that all your acquaintances on social media as Best friends?

There are many acquaintances on social networks, yet they cannot be considered real friends. The majority of them are just acquaintances. People you often meet because they’re in the same class, college, colony, or work; however, no connection between them is a true friend.
They are considered acquaintances. True friends are ones to whom you could go in difficult times to seek assistance. But, some acquaintances be friends over time as the years go through. Therefore, it is possible to affirm that the people you connect with on social media aren’t your friends in real life.

Do you feel you’ve harmed your life because of your Best friends?

Friends have a huge impact on the way you live your life. There is a saying that your employer is the best indicator of your personality. People with positive qualities are positive influences in your daily life. They inspire you and help you. Also, those with negative traits can harm your life.

Do we need to have best friends?

Just like we require every other relationship for love and to be loved. In the same way, we require most cherished friends that can fully enjoy ourselves with them and remain satisfied and happy with their company.

What is a”best friend” essay? And how do be written?

The best-friend essay expresses genuine sentiments, love, and respect towards your friend. It’s the compilation of feelings, thoughts, and memories about friendship that you share with others.

What is a truly great friend?

The best friend you can have can be described as honest and trustworthy towards you. He’s always willing to help you, offer sacrifice for you, and cherishes you from the bottom of his heart. He is your real companion.

Why is your best friend crucial?

The ideal friend is essential in numerous ways. He will be there for you through the tough moments. He’s always there to help, ensure that you are happy and healthy, and establish. A life without best friends is filled with risks and difficulties.

What should I write in my friend’s paragraph?

If you want to write a great essay about your most beloved friend, you must be genuine, honest, and honest about your thoughts about your most beloved friend. It would be best if you appreciated your most trusted friend’s loyalty and genuineness to you even when your life was in peril.

Is it good to have a good friend?

It’s amazing how many times!. In reality, an existence without a true friend is boring and pathetic.

Do you have two great buddies?

Yes! It is essential to have the most genuine, genuine, and honest people you possibly can. Be aware that only one genuine and honest friend is more valuable than all fake and untrue friends.

What are the advantages of having a friend who is your best friend?

There are plenty! In reality, your life is more beneficial when you have the best of friends. You will be successful, goal-focused, cooperative, kind, compassionate, and significant in your daily life.

What could be the cause of a broken friendship?

Many things could destroy a genuine friendship. Most commonly, it involves the loss of trust. Trust, respect, and sincerity are the pillars of a true friendship. When these are lost relationships, true friendships die.

Why are the best friends so unique?

The most special friends are, and they deserve to be the most important to us. They provide us with the things we require in our lives.

How can you ensure your best friend knows you appreciate them?

To show your affection and respect to your best friend, do not say it to him immediately. But instead, you must help and be there for him whenever he needs it.
This way, you’ll acknowledge your worth and sincerity towards your closest friend. By doing this, you will let your friend know that you truly care about her